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  • October 31, 2016

Achieve Zen Beauty with Oriental Interior Design

In Western society, the Asian influence is very popular these days. Oriental interior design is a hot trend that many people are bringing into their homes. There are different levels of design that you can try. For example, if you like a subtle effect, a few good pieces are all you’ll need. If you want a full-on look, you can choose to do the entire room with Asian decor. In this article you’ll learn more about how to integrate the beauty of the Orient into any room of your home.

Decorative screens are one of the best Asian pieces you can choose for any room. They divide the space, provide privacy and look beautiful. Some of them are simple designs while others are painted with gorgeous scenes. Many of them are made with rice paper for an authentic look and feel. Another great decorative piece is the Asian vase. No, you don’t have to invest in a Ming vase. There are lots of inexpensive vases with gorgeous colors and patterns on them. Some of the most beautiful are those with geisha scenes and cloisonne accents. Because many of these decorative vases are quite large, try filling them with tall grasses and peacock feathers for a chic Asian look.

The use of texture is also important. Try adorning the windows with bamboo shades or using bamboo mats at the table. Drape furniture with silk in bright jewel tones. Try filling a square lacquer tray with small pebbles and place on the coffee table for a cute Asian inspired rock garden. You can even integrate a bit of India into your decor with a cute lucky Buddha figurine. One fun way to jazz up any room is to hang paper lanterns from the ceiling. You can also find gorgeous handpainted paper fans that can be displayed on the wall.

Oriental interior design is such a big trend these days that it’s not hard to find Asian decor items in all price ranges. Some people want Asian inspired furniture, while others keep their existing furniture and accent it with decorative collectibles, throw pillows, rugs, wall hangings and other items. If you do want to go for Asian furniture, the futon is a classic piece that can bring a touch of Asia to any room while providing convenience and comfort.

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